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Spike TV MMA's Bellator Spot Is On Fire

Warm yourself up this winter with the hot fire created by Juniper Jones for Spikes new series, Bellator. A tournament based Mixed Martial Arts promotion featuring grueling battles of brute strength and cunning ability until one champion is crowned.

Juniper Jones was charged with creating a spot that celebrates the spirit and drive of the individual rising to the occasion in the face of insurmountable challenges. Fire scorches across the screen as the talented fighters showcase their moves. While it appears extremely life like, no practical effects were used. Our team generated the fire completely from scratch in post-production, creating a singular effect that reflects the distinctive brand of Spike TV’s Bellator.

Agency: Spike
Production Company: Juniper Jones
Director/Creative Director – Kevin Robinson
Director of Photography – Scott Colthorp
Executive Producer – David Phillips
Executive Producer – Terry Minogue
Executive Producer – Susie Shuttleworth
Production Coordinator – Zachary Goldberg
3D VFX Artist – Russell Forrest Boebert
3D VFX Artist – Joe Gunn
Compositor – Carlos Foxworthy
Compositor – Jim Roberson
Compositor – Chris West
Sound – Jody Nazzaro, Northern Lights

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Spike TV MMA's Bellator Spot Is On Fire + sports ads