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Martell XO "Rise Above" Web Film

Martell XO releases a new ad campaign / web film entitled "We All Have Wings." The new global campaign pays tribute to Martell's unique heritage, using its emblem, the swift.
Legend has it that in 1715, a swift led Jean Martell to Cognac, where, he founded what would become the oldest of the great Houses of Cognac.

In this film the swift becomes a symbol of one's potential to achieve great things — just like Jean Martell nearly 300 years ago.
Martell XO invites us all to spread our wings and take flight to rise above.

The music is soundtrack preformed by the members of the London Symphony Orchestra and mixed by Oscar-winning sound engineer Etienne Colin.

Ad Agency: BEING, France
Creative director: Paul Wauters
Art director: Matthieu Camilieri
Copywriter: Kate McMullen
Accounts: Alexa Pantanella, Lise Abou-Bechara, Fanny Buisseret
Strategy: Nicolas Chemla
Director: James Gray
Director of Photography: Darius Khondji

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Martell XO "Rise Above" Web Film + great ads