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Gerry Dee Hijacks Juice Bar For Dempster's Bread

Watch as Gerry Dee pulls of one of the funniest advertising pranks as pretends to work behind the counter at a local Juice Bar as he attempts to convince people adding a slice of bread to their veggie juice is a good thing.

Who wouldn't want extra vitamins in their smoothie? What if it was a wad of bread? This funny prank featuring funny man Gerry Dee for Dempster's Bread shows that even though bread has as many vitamins and minerals as fruit, people would prefer eating it to drinking it.

More great work from Toronto ad agency Cundari for Dempster's Bakery after the credits.

Advertising Agency: Cundari, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi
Group Creative Directors: Mike Sipley, Cory Eisentraut
Copywriters: Alexandra Manahan, Cory Eisentraut
Art Directors: Andrew Bernardi, Mike Sipley
VP Business Director: Kristin Vekteris
Account Coordinator: Henry Goodman
Broadcast Producer: Kasia Zeniuk
Director: Tom Feiler

Dempster's Bread Farmer spot...cuz everyone knows bread grows on trees.

Dempster's Baking Pan Spot...

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Gerry Dee Hijacks Juice Bar For Dempster's Bread + funny commercials