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Scharffen Berger "Wonderfully Complicated" Campaign

Bus shelter and Instagram print campaign for Hershey's Scharffen Berger Chocolate. Put yourself in a Scharffen Berger ad by uploading your selfie to Instagram and tagging it with #wonderfullycomplicated.

Advertising Agency: Camp + King
Creative Director: Rikesh Lal
Photographer: Alex Farnum
Where: Bus shelters and kiosks in San Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp
Associate Creative Directors: Justin Hargraves/Art Director; Casey Brewer/Writer
Designers: Dani Saputo/Chelsea Nobbs
Print Producer: Amy Guzmán
Director of Content Production: David Verhoef
Director of Digital Production: Dora Lee
Production Company and City (Digital): Unit 9, London, UK and San Francisco, CA
Executive Producer (Digital): Alessandro Pula
Project Manager (Digital): Sandra Popescu
Technical Lead: Paul Lavery
Backend Developer: Krzysztof Kokoszka
Frontend Developer: Peter Altamirano
Brand Director: Dana Rabb
Brand Manager: Grace Lazarus

Bus Shelter Ad, Food and Drink, and more:

Scharffen Berger "Wonderfully Complicated" Campaign + Social Media Advertising