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10 Lance Armstrong Ads That Have New Meaning Today

Lance Armstrong Nike commercial, ironically this one from 2001 is an anti-doping spot where Lance replies to the question "what am I on?....I'm on my bike six hours a day."

Try to contain yourself as you read this one..."According to the most recent statistics on cancer survival rates, Lance Armstrong is neither alive, nor has he won the Tour de France". This gem was done by the ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Nike back in January 2000 for Nike.

Check out Lance as he makes the world spin while riding his bike in this Radio Shack commercial entitled "Universe". Loving the tagline — "The Shack and Lance Power The Universe."

GO Film's Christopher Guest unleashes the actor within Lance Armstrong for a Nike Livestrong Collection ad entitled "Feed The Warrior".

From back in 2004, the "Magnet" ad created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy.

Even the USPS loved Lance Armstrong...Vive Le Lance.

In this print ad for Subaru Lance has to "Muscle His Way To The Front Of The Pack."

What drives Lance? Well according to this ad it's not fame or fortune or even the yellow jersey. Mr. Armstrong goes on to say that he is driven by what's inside...I like this one...a lot.

And, finally Lance Armstrong for Michelob Ultra Beer...take an Ultra Holiday.

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10 Lance Armstrong Ads That Have New Meaning Today + sports ads