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Winkreative Takes Us UP In "Travel Happy" Spot For Metrolinx

Winkreative and Guru Studio take you UP to Toronto with "Travel Happy," a playful and colourful animated journey through Toronto for the Union Pearson Express.

Coming to Toronto in 2015, the Union Person Express, or UP as it’s been lovingly coined, is a new high-speed train that will connect the city’s downtown core to the international airport. As Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America, this service is long overdue and a welcomed addition to the world class city.

Working with Winkreative and illustrator Lotta Nieminen, Toronto-based Guru Studio set about to weave a colourful populated visual narrative out of the imagined “Union to Pearson” trip from the script. As Winkreative and Lotta Nieminen are London and New York-based, Guru Studio’s immediate goal was to educate and inspire the team with local knowledge about what makes the city of Toronto unique, so it would look great on screen. Guru Studio also brought on board Toronto-based director Larissa Ulisko, to further strengthen their vision and bring the culture of Toronto to life.

“We worked with Winkreative to balance the script with the visuals so we could allow some space to breathe life into the spot,” said Frank Falcone, Creative Director, Guru Studio. “We felt that we needed to keep the graphics and animation style very clear and simple so we wouldn’t overwhelm the viewer.”

“Travel Happy” is a stylish and informative trip through Toronto, and although the express train isn’t coming to Toronto until 2015, promotions for the service have already begun via the UP website where the webfilm lives.

Union Pearson Express "Travel Happy"
Client: Metrolinx — Union Pearson Express
Agency: Winkreative
CEO & Chairman: Tyler Brûlé
Creative Director: Maurus Fraser
Design Director: Corinna Drossel
Account Director: Ariane Elfen
Art Buyer: Petek Sketcher
Strategy Director: Steve Teruggi
Production Company: Guru Studio
Director: Larissa Ulisko
Creative Director: Frank Falcone
Producer: Amy Robson
Creative Supervisor: Yurie Rocha
Compositor: Boris Perenchensky
Animator: Chris Fourney
Illustrator: Lotta Nieminen/Agent Pekka
Producer: Petra Koivisto/Agent Pekka
Music: Eggplant Collective
via: GlossyInc.

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Winkreative Takes Us UP In "Travel Happy" Spot For Metrolinx + great ads