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The 90's Are Back In Stupid Hype Web Series — Let's Get Laid Promo Spot

CWTV is bringing the 90's back with Stupid Hype, a hilarious live-action web series that screams 90's nostalgia. In the 90's, hip hop was all about color, flash and funky fresh beats, from parachute pants to dope dance moves.

In the latest ad promoting the show, "Let's Get Laid" (no that isn't a typo) Stupid Hype chronicles the (mis)adventures of Hype, played by Hart of Dixie Star's Wilson Bethel, who after a tragic breakdancing accident, becomes a rising rap star in 1990. The series features original music from Bethel and his super-producer brother Charlie Bethel, aka Chuck Wild, and is directed by Dugan O'Neal. Look for guests appearance from legendary hip hop icons Flavor Fav and even more Vanilla Ice-esque beats in coming episodes.

Stupid Hype is sponsored by Windows 8 and airs on every Tuesdays. To watch full episodes of the web only series you can check it out here.

Director: Dugan O'Neal
Executive Producers: Wilson Bethel & Danielle Hinde
Producers: Wilson Bethel, Courtney Davies & Dugan O'Neal
Associate Producer: Jon Huertas
Cinematography: David Myrick
Production Design: Kathrin Eder & Melissa Jusufi
Costume Design: Meredith Markworth-Pollack
Art Department: Jennifer Giron, Jeremy Jonathan White & Chloe Knapp
Production Sound Mixer: John W. Rampey
Sound Editor: Andrew Twite
Hype: Wilson Bethel
Tina: Rochelle Aytes

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The 90's Are Back In Stupid Hype Web Series — Let's Get Laid Promo Spot + music