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Ford Re-Introduces The 2013 Lincoln MKZ With New Ad Campaign

Ford re-introduces the Lincoln Motor Companies 2013 Lincoln MKZ and celebrates ninety years of doing what they've always done with this new ad campaign, "Introducing". The first commercial briefly features the Lincoln namesake "Abraham Lincoln" as it strolls through a visual history of the car. Other ads will are said to include: James Dean, NFL great Emmitt Smith and other historical figures. Below is the teaser spot, "Get Ready" and "Introducing The Ford Motor Company — Journey."

"The [TV] spots evoke what has historically made Lincoln stand apart in the luxury category," the company's press release said, "while using the new MKZ as the face of the reinvented brand."

"The campaign captures the founding principles of the [Lincoln Motor] company and brings them forward to a new generation of progressive luxury buyers," Ford says in press release today, adding Edsel Ford made Lincoln "one of the most distinctive luxury brands in the industry, with motorcars that were urbane, sleek and elegant — the epitome of understated luxury."

This is the first Lincoln ad campaign from HudsonRouge, the new WPP-owned Lincoln agency based in New York that was created to promote the brand. Lincoln also recently opened its own dedicated design studio in Dearborn.

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Ford Re-Introduces The 2013 Lincoln MKZ With New Ad Campaign + great ads