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AXE Gets Young and Mature In New 3D Ad Campaign

A new ad campaign for AXE and their newest product Young/Mature. Get out those 3D glasses as the commercial uses some really nice stereoscopic 3D technology, but rest assured AXE loyalists it is still an AXE ad with sexy young men and women.

Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires
Client: Axe
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Armentano
Executive Creative Director: Luigi Ghidotti
Creative Director: Mario Crudele
Creative Director: Lucas Cambiano
Art Director: Pedro Losada
Copywriter: Nicolas Zarlenga
Agency Producer: Brenda Morrison Fell
Production Company: Landia
Director: Maxi Blanco
Executive Producer: Claudio Amoedo
Production Director: Diego Dutil
Photography Director: Marcelo Lavitman
Editor: Pablo Colella
Post Production: Che Revolution Post
Music: George Barnett
Sound: Elefante Resonante

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AXE Gets Young and Mature In New 3D Ad Campaign + sexy ads