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The Greatest Cold Remedy Ad You'll Ever See

Meet Esteban, the face of French Canadian natural cold remedy, GOLDaid. This hilarious two minute ad features our spokesman who spends of his shirtless (which we like) going through the various and ridiculous cold remedies that haven't work for him before finally discovering this one.

Advertised brand: GOLDaid
Advert title: Esteban
Translation of headline to English: GOLDaid — Cold remedy
Advertising Agency: 32 MARS, Quebec city, Canada
Agency website:
Creative Director: Simon Allard
Art Director: Simon Veilleux
Copywriter: Simon Allard, Guillaume Genest & Simon Veilleux
Additional credits:
Director: Fran├žois Lallier
Production House: Nova Film
Sound Design: Studio SFX

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The Greatest Cold Remedy Ad You'll Ever See + great ads