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"Balls Dream Band" and the Hit Debut Single "Please Baby Flush It"

So how in the world do you effectively advertise a toilet bowl cleaner? Well you lock yourself in a room and intake a large quantity of herbal enhancements, after several hours, days, weeks depending on whether you inhaled or not you come up with this absolutely hilarious idea like the ad agency TBWA, Milan did for Bref, an Italian toilet bowl cleaner, sorry make that power balls for your toilet. These guys created the newest Boy Band the "Balls Dream Band" and what is sure to be a smash hit first single release from their debut CD "Please Baby Flush It".
Oh, it gets better than just the shorter edit of the Balls Dream Band new hit featuring performers: Marcelus, Alejandro, Marcus and Dimitri in the video above, visit the YouTube page takeover to truly experience the full effect of Please Baby Flush It,
Client: Henkel Bref Power Activ
Advertising Agency: TBWA, Milan, Italy
Executive creative director: Nicola Lampugnani, Francesco Guerrera
Creative director: Gina Ridenti, Hugo Gallardo
Art Director: Francesco Pedrazzini
Copywriter: Mara Rizzetto
Digital Creative Director: Michele La Fiandra
Digital Creative: Luca Sala
Web Designer: Chiara Villotta
Client Service Director: Cinzia Franchi
Account Manager: Cabiria Granchelli
Project Manager Digital: Sara Novellino
Producer: Federico Fornasari
Production Company:: Bedeschi
Director: Edoardo Lugari
Audio Production Company:: Quiet Please
Music: Ferdinando ArnĂ²
Lyrics: TBWA\Italia

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"Balls Dream Band" and the Hit Debut Single "Please Baby Flush It" + great ads