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Classic Cars and their Famous Namesakes

Abe Lincoln's Lincoln
Have you ever been walking through a parking lot and noticed a really nice Lincoln parked there all alone and thought to yourself...wouldn't it be cool to see Abe Lincoln standing next to it, or maybe it was a Mini Cooper and wondered how cool it would be to see Alice Cooper standing there, well wonder know more thanks to Jimm Lasser and Ray Gordon.

The duo created Namesake Motors, a series of impressive photographs of classic cars and the people for which they are named after. See their Namesake Motors site HERE and the rest of their great work.

Alice Cooper's Mini Cooper

Homer's Odyssey

The Lone Ranger's Ranger

Pontiac's PontiacCredits:
Lincoln’s Lincoln, Queen Victoria’s Crown Victoria, Homer’s Odyssey, Alice Cooper’s Mini Cooper, The Lone Ranger’s Ranger, and Pontiac’s Pontiac are all the work of Jimm Lasser, Art Director; Ray Gordon, Photographer; Katherine Ross, Hair & Makeup; Kristin Lane, Costume Designer.

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Classic Cars and their Famous Namesakes + great ads