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What is Vectory*? - Gavin Peacock for Vector Cereal

To showcase how Kellogg’s Vector Cereal & Bars are the fuel of the ambitious and active everyday athlete, Traffik collaborated with Gavin Peacock, a Canadian extreme sports and freestyle fitness fanatic, and the man behind the epic, viral, 365 Days of Awesome videos. Along with being featured prominently in the video, Gavin helped produce, film, direct and edit the video, which highlights everyday athletes as they push through the trials of training and competing to conquer a variety of athletic activities, and ultimately ‘Taste Vectory’.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Traffik
Creative Direction: Troy McGuinness, Cam Boyd
Art Direction: Andrei Sherwin
Copywriting: Lino DiNallo
Filmed and Edited by: Gavin Peacock
Online & Transfer: Alter Ego
Mix: Boombox

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What is Vectory*? - Gavin Peacock for Vector Cereal + sports ads