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Volvo Trucks takes us to the illusive Italian Riviera in new video 'The Casino'

The Epic Split still echoes – and now Volvo Trucks and director Henry Alex Rubin are out with something new. 'The Casino' starring an adorable Casino valet on his first day on the job – and a heavy duty Volvo FH truck.

Volvo Trucks, together with Forsmann & Bodenfors, takes us to the illusive Italian Riviera, with high-heeled models, flashy cars and glamour – but The Casino is not what it appears to be.

Coming off a series of remarkable video releases in 2014, Volvo Trucks now debuts its latest product feature in the “The Casino’. The video is set on the Italian Riviera sporting flashy cars, well-dressed actors and a parking valet on his first day on the job – the natural habitat for a heavy-duty truck.

For Ambrogio Adani his first day working as a parking valet at the Casino San Remo, Italy, took an unexpected turn to say the least. In Volvo Trucks’ new video, The Casino, we see him park one luxury sports car after another, when suddenly a new Volvo FH –famous for its starring role in the film The Ballerina Stunt – drives up to the red carpet.

“When I realised that I was expected to park a truck, my heart just stopped. I thought: How can I park it there?” says Ambrogio Adani.
In fact, it was all a set-up, and it was all being secretly filmed.

“We wanted to see the parking valet’s reaction when he’s asked to park a large truck. What will he do? Will he try to park it?” says Henry Alex Rubin, director.

The film is part of the launch of Volvo Trucks’ new world-first gearbox, the I-Shift Dual Clutch. The technology is similar to that already found in sports cars, but Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer in the world to develop this type of gearbox for series-produced heavy vehicles.

The new film follows on from other successful productions including The Epic Split, The Hamster Stunt and The Hook.

“We’re really pleased that so many people are taking note of our products. With our latest film about Volvo Trucks’ new transmission, I-Shift Dual Clutch, we are continuing to communicate our technological innovations in a way that is not only relevant to people interested in trucks but also to a wider public,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Art Director: Anders Eklind and Sophia Lindholm
Copywriter: Martin Ringqvist, Björn Engström
Post Production: Absolute Post, London
Executive Producers: Chris Barett and Fergus Brown
Music: “Tighten Up”, Al Escobar and His Orchestra Courtesy of Fania Records
D.O.P: Matthew Woolf
Editor: Spencer Ferszt, Marshall Street Editors

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Volvo Trucks takes us to the illusive Italian Riviera in new video 'The Casino' + Featured Ads