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Dr Pepper College Football - Meet Larry on the Field

New creative work from Dr Pepper and Deutsch LA. It’s the first year of the College Football Playoff and to celebrate this “One of a Kind” season, the campaign introduces Larry Culpepper, a longtime Dr Pepper “concessions guy” with a deep-rooted passion for college football. As you’ll see from the work, Larry is a true “One of a Kind” in his own right and a humorous representation of Dr Pepper’s longtime relationship with college football - a relationship rich in history and steeped in tradition.

In fact, Dr Pepper was the first major brand to partner with ESPN and the new College Football Playoff, and the first two ads featuring Larry launched this opening weekend to introduce this “One of a Kind Season” to college football fans everywhere.

In “Meet Larry,” - airing nationally and online - Larry shows viewers his excitement after having seen all there is to see when it comes to college football, until now. The one thing he hasn’t seen? A college football playoff. And that is why Larry is declaring this season the first and only one that counts.

Larry gets closer to the action in “Larry on the Field,” which launches nationally in a couple weeks. He screams, he laughs and he chats up the players as he uses his role as a Dr Pepper vendor to get on the sidelines. His genuine excitement is likely to touch any true college football fanatic.

Dr Pepper will also be releasing additional spots featuring Larry as this “One of a Kind” season unfolds, where he will discuss relevant topics such as the Selection Committee and the new National Championship trophy presented by Dr Pepper.

The campaign was helmed by Caviar Content’s Emmy-nominated Jonathan Krisel, director and co-creator of the hit IFC series, Portlandia.

Creative Credits:  
Ad Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Executive Officer: Michael Sheldon
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Brett Craig
Creative Director, (Writer): Ryan Lehr
Creative Director, (Art Director): Erick Mangali
Copywriter: Trey Tyler
Art Director: Michael Delahaut
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
VP/Executive Producer: Lisa K. Johnson
Senior Integrated Producer: Molly Tait
Production Company: Caviar, Los Angeles CA

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