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Fuzz Wax Bar Brings ‘Street Waxing’ to Toronto

Smoother skin prevailed last week as Fuzz Wax Bar brought ‘Street Waxing’ to Toronto. And the project, developed by Fuzz’ partner agency Lowe Roche, is fast becoming one of the most talked about stunts of the summer.

The Fuzz Wax Bar team wanted to show weekend festivalgoers that waxing is worth it. Onlookers were invited to tear a wax-strip off a male model, covered entirely in wax-coated strips. As more and more people pulled wax-strips from his body, he was left hairless – and completely ‘exposed’ – in the Toronto streets.

Jessica Frampton and Florence Gavin, co-owners of Fuzz Wax Bar have found the response so far to be nothing short of extraordinary.

“The crowd reaction on the day, and the attention we’ve received since it happened have been amazing,” said Frampton. “As Toronto’s original wax bar, we’re always looking for new ways to generate awareness, and so we were thrilled with this innovative idea which we knew from the outset would literally stop traffic.”

Hundreds took part on the day, as thousands of others looked on.

Of course, the ultimate objective for the stunt was to drive traffic to Fuzz, and to do so, the wax-strips were designed to be the incentive: acting as removable discount coupons for participants to use for their next wax at Fuzz – and also as a hairy reminder of the weekend festivities. The wax-strips themselves served as another messaging touch-point for the stunt – they were each inscribed with funny phrases, like “We’ll take the monkey off your back” and “You’ll walk a little differently, along with the tagline “So good, it hurts”.

“We knew we needed something revolutionary to get our name out beyond our already loyal customers, and our partners at Lowe Roche certainly helped us deliver that,” said Gaven.

Project: Street Waxing
Client: Fuzz Wax Bar
Agency: Lowe Roche
Executive Creative Director: Sean Ohlenkamp
Copywriter: Jeremy Richard, Eli Joseph
Art director: Ryan Speziale, Kunaal Jagtianey
Producer: Shannon Farrell
Make-up: Alyssa McCarthy
Account Director: Frederic Morin
Director: Dean Vargas
Post Production: Motion Pantry

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Fuzz Wax Bar Brings ‘Street Waxing’ to Toronto + Toronto