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Shoe Dazzle Ad Featuring Icona's I Love It

Chief Stylist Rachel Zoe is ready to style you in the newest commercial for Shoe Dazzle featuring the music "I Love It" by Icona Pop and some of Rachel Zoe's favorite shoes.

The Mid-June preview commercial features the music "Dance it, Dance all" by The Easton Ellises.

Client: ShoeDazzle
Creative Advertising Agency: SelectNY
Country: United States of America
Director of Creative Strategy: James Moore
Senior Art Director: Roxane Zargham
Managing Director: Angela Pih
Director: Maz Makhani
Production Company: Factory Films
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani
Executive Producers: Peter Martin/Nicole Ehrlich
Producer: Steven Johnson
Set Design: David Courtemarche
Editor: David Binns
Music House: Atlantic Records
Artist: Icona Pop

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Shoe Dazzle Ad Featuring Icona's I Love It + music