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Red Rock Deli "Siren" Ad — A Seduction in Flavour

Red Rock Deli's new television commercial is a tale of the seduction of Red Rock Deli's enticing flavours.

The commercial shows a chance meeting between two beautiful strangers in the countryside — and the consequences of the girl tasting new Red Rock Deli Sour Cream and Caramelised Onion chips for the first time.

Agency: 303Lowe, Sydney
Production: Prodigy Films
Country: Australia
Director: Steve Hudson
Executive Creative Director: Richard Morgan
Copywriter: Sean Larkin
Copywriter: Veronica Copestake
Art Director: Chris McMullen
Art Director: Adam Whitehead
Group Head: Matt clarke
Producer: marge mcinnes
Production company: Prodigy
Strategist: jon mckie
Account Director: Karen Russell
Agency Producer: Sean Ascroft
Editor: Richard Learoyd
Music: Turning Studios

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Red Rock Deli "Siren" Ad — A Seduction in Flavour + Food and Drink