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The Greatest Wine Ads You Will Ever See — Slo Down Wines

Meet Brandon Allen, not your typical winemaker...SLO Down wines is a small winemaker in the heart of California’s wine country. But their attitude is very different from the rest of the stuffy wine industry. They believe wine should be for everyone, the 99%, not just the elites. And while everyone knows the concept of “wine pairings,” the guys at SLO Down have a very different take on what their wine goes great with. This campaign is a series of short films that shows suggested and suggestive pairings for what their wine goes great with.

Client: SLO Down Wines
Campaign Title: Goes Great With 

Spot Titles: “Threesomes”, “Equestrianism”, “Horticulture”

Production Company: Harvest Films
Director: Baker Smith
Executive Producer: Bonnie Goldfarb
Head of Production: Niko Whelan
Producer: Leslie Owen

Editorial Company: Arcade Edit
Editors: Paul Martinez and Dean Miyahira
Managing Partner/EP: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram

Online: Airship Post

Music: Critical Mass
Composer: H. Scott Salinas
Sound Design/Mix: Tobias Enhus

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The Greatest Wine Ads You Will Ever See — Slo Down Wines + funny commercials