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Qui Marketing — Reverse Thinking, But Who Really Cares?

As part of a rebranding campaign, the Montreal agency Oui Marketing has launched a video on the advertising industry. In less than a week, it was viewed over 210,000 times, mostly in Quebec and in France, and dozens of Francophone blogs have shared it with their readers. Comments have been almost unanimously rapturous; the video exceeded all expectations.

Beyond transitory trends and real changes in habits, one element endures: the balance between creativity and strategy. It was this fact that led the agency to rethink its vision. Its conclusion: Relevant audacity™.

The audacity of standing out from the crowd, of heightening the experience and generating affection for a brand.

The relevance of being contemplative, precise and efficient, forever mindful of return on investment.

Together, they create the innovative solutions that build allegiance.

This philosophy is at the very heart of the video. It addresses all the criticism about advertising and—with a little reverse-thinking sleight of hand—issues a call for responsible advertising.

Ad Agency: Oui Marketing, Montreal, Canada
Copywriting: Julien Remillard
Art Direction: Sylvain Daoust, Amélie Adam et Lauriane Pierlot
Creative Direction: Sylvain Daoust
Translation: Howard Shryer
Filmmaking: Thomas Vannieu
Music: L'Oreille

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Qui Marketing — Reverse Thinking, But Who Really Cares? + Featured Ads