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Dixie Outlet Mall — Let Your Shopper Out

For Immediate Release — Toronto, ON – April 30, 2013 – Dixie Outlet Mall, in Mississauga Ontario has released a new multi-media campaign encouraging women to let their shopper out.
“Dixie is a well-guarded secret for a lot of dedicated, extreme shoppers,” says Nicole Camara, Marketing Director for Dixie Outlet Mall, “We have over 100 brand name outlets that offer deeply discounted prices. So this campaign is about letting women know about who we are and what we offer. But we also want to let them know that when they come visit, they’re going to be going into battle with some pretty competitive shoppers.”
“Shopping is a sport as any woman will tell you,” says Stephen Jurisic, Executive Creative Director at john st., Dixie’s agency of record since October 2012, “and like any sport, it’s about technique, determination, and stamina. And sometimes, it’s also about a well-placed elbow.”
The Let Your Shopper Out campaign includes print featuring specially-modified accessories for the intense deal hunter, radio with not-so sincere apologies from shoppers who might have gone a little overboard shopping at Dixie, and online videos demonstrating unique shopping techniques used by women who will do anything for a deal.
The videos will be promoted through social media channels and shared over the next month on the Dixie Facebook page.
“Dixie is a little under the radar for a lot of women and we hope that this campaign will make them way more top of mind for shoppers,“ said Stephen Jurisic, Executive Creative Director at john st.
Let your shopper out: Change Room Let your shopper out: Line Up

Creative Ad Agency: john st., Toronto
Co-Executive Creative Director: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Copywriter: Jacob Greer
Account Team: Amelia MacGregor
Producer: Carrie Weston
Production Partners: Soft Citizen, Graydon Sheppard.
Editing Partner: Bijou Editorial, Melanie Hider
Sound Company: Pirate Toronto
Song by Ariel and the Undertow

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Dixie Outlet Mall — Let Your Shopper Out + Toronto