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Coca-Cola Shares Live Tweets In Romanian TV Commercial

Coca-Cola and the ad agency MRM/MaCann incorporates live Tweets into it's newest TV commercials that began airing in Romania this week. The ad transforms a regional spot into a local integrated campaign with live Twitter interaction while it airs.

In order to localize and create conversation about family meals, Coca-Cola teamed up with ProTV, Romania’s leading TV Channel, to create a unique integrated experience: consumers were asked to post tweets about their family meals, and the tweets are collected live and broadcast on top of the TVC while its aired. Every time the TV spot is aired – different tweets from the recent hours is implemented and appear within the spot, creating diverse social content on TV and ignite local conversation.

Digital Advertising Agency: MRM/McCann, Bucharest, Romania
GM: Nir Refuah
CD: Ioana Filip, Adrian Preda
Copywriter: Mihaela Coman, Nir Refuah
Art Director: Bogdan Dinu

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Coca-Cola Shares Live Tweets In Romanian TV Commercial + Food and Drink