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Burger King Makes It All About The Breakfast In New Ads

To kick off Mother, NY new relationship with Burger King in 2013, they have launched three new spots for the 'Breakfast' campaign. Titled “First Cup,” “Two Thumbs” and “Faustin,” the series highlights Burger Kings re-entry into the breakfast mindset and showcases two new breakfast offerings: freshly brewed Arabica coffee for 25 cents and the mouth watering Gouda Bacon Sandwich. Set within the walls of the Burger King home, its restaurant, viewers learn about the new breakfast items while meeting a soon-to-be recurring cast of characters joining the familiar cast of employees including affable patriarch of the Burger King family John the Manager.

In the 15-second spots “First Cup” and “Two Thumbs,” our patriarch John excitedly touts Burger King’s new smooth and delicious coffee for a price that can’t be beat. The 30-second “Faustin” spot has Burger King’s new resident French chef discerningly construct his newest creation the Bacon Gouda Sandwich. An anxiously awaiting crowd gathers around Faustin’s kitchen as he completes his masterpiece and reminds them not forget the most important consideration for the perfect breakfast sandwich: “Ze new coffee!”

Project Name: Breakfast Campaign
Agency: Mother NY
Client: Burger King
Spot: “First Cup,” “Two Thumbs” and “Faustin”
First Launch Date: Feb 18 2013
Media: TV
Creatives: Mother New York
Mother New York Mother New York
Mothers: Mother New York
Agency Producer: Mother New York
Music/Business Affairs: Mother New York
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Director: Stacy Wall
DP: Peter Donahue
Executive Producers: Doug Halbert
Line Producer: Anita Wetterstedt
Costume & Wardrobe Design: Lee Ann Jarvis
Production Designer: Tony Gasparo
Hair / Make Up: Jenni Clark
Editorial Company: Now Corporation/EP Nancy Finn
Editors: Nelson Leonard, Jesse Reisner
Animation & Post-Production Company: Suspect/Houses in Motion
Executive Producer: Rob Appleblatt
Post Producer: Alena McDougal
Music Production: Various Stock Music/Finger Music
TV Mix: Sound Lounge

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Burger King Makes It All About The Breakfast In New Ads + Food and Drink