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Obama has promised to expiate fault before Indians

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has promised to expiate fault of US authorities before the American Indians, informs USA Today. "I know, that it means, when you ignore and forget, that means to struggle from last forces so while I in the White House, you will not be forgotten", — has declared Obama at opening of conference of American Indian tribes.

Leaders of American Indian tribes in the White House

Representatives of 564 tribes recognised as the federal government, almost four hundred breeding heads have been invited to conference in the White House the invitation have accepted. The meeting, the first in own way since 1994, has taken place against proceeding lawsuits of many tribes with the government because of disputes on the rights to the earths.

"Very few people Washington so long isolated and ignored, as radical Americans", — the president has noted. According to the head of the state, Indians have all bases that with suspicion to concern the authorities: "To you said, that your earths, your religion, your culture, your languages — that all it does not belong to you".

Obama has declared, that the administration of the president has already taken measures for the help to Indians. So, in the 787-milliard plan of stimulation of economy of 100 million dollars have allocated for creation of workplaces in American Indian communities, 500 million — on development of American Indian public health services and still almost as much — on various educational programs.

The adviser of the president for affairs of Indians

Besides, Obama has underlined, that has executed a pre-election pledge, and Indians have received a powerful voice in new administration. In particular, the representative of American Indian tribe Kimberly Teehee became the adviser of the president for affairs of Indians, and the post of the deputy minister of internal affairs on American Indian affairs is registered for Larry EchoHawk.

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