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Drudge Report has sent the president on interview to channel Fox

US president

As it became known to news site Drudge Report, the US president Barack Obama will give interview to television channel Fox News, since recent time become by object of criticism from the White House.

Major Garrett has invited the president to conversation

According to a portal which has not specified an information source, the meeting of the president with the correspondent of department of a policy of channel Major Garrett will take place during official visit of the president to China. It is expected, that Obama will go to the Peoples Republic of China in the evening on Sunday, on November, 15th where will stay till Wednesday, on November, 18th.

In the meantime edition Politico informs, that the certain not named employee of the White House these data has denied. "At the moment at the president it is not planned any interviews during tour across Asia", — quotes the edition.

Meanwhile on November, 11th it became known, that the post has left the director of the White House for public relations Anita Dunn. It posesses words that channel Fox News is "Republican Party branch". The official reasons of resignation are unknown.

Making comments on the information that Obama can meet correspondent Fox, newspaper The Huffington Post has noticed, that between the White House and Fox warming of relations really was outlined. According to the edition, it has occurred after vice-president Fox Michael Clemente has met the press-secretary of the White House.

In protection Fox

The position of the largest American channels which have supported recently Fox, appeared excluded of a pool for interview to one of employees of a Treasury Department of the US could become the rapprochement reason.

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Drudge Report has sent the president on interview to channel Fox + TV