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The Pentagon will carry out audit of a nuclear arsenal


The US president Barack Obama insists on carrying out detailed audit of the American arsenal of nuclear arms, newspaper The New York Times writes on September, 8th.

Results of this work will allow to define, as far as possible to reduce their stocks within the limits of the new contract which is planned to sign with Russia.

Last time defensive department of the USA carried out similar audit in 2001. Military men have come to conclusion, that the American army will enough have from 1700 to 2200 nuclear warheads ready to application. This indicator suited also administration of then US president George Bush. Now Moscow and Washington are full determination to reduce the nuclear arsenals even more, that is one of the diplomatic purposes of the American president.

Nevertheless, as underlines The New York Times, the detailed analysis of a condition of the American nuclear arsenal in this situation is critical for the USA. He will allow to define a minimum quantity of necessary arms, and also to answer other questions. In particular, what rockets, bombers and submarines the Pentagon, and also what means to spend for their modernisation taking into account if the nuclear weapon appears at other states should keep.

In 1960th years of the USA possessed an arsenal in 32000 nuclear warheads, however by the moment of signing of the contract on reduction and restriction of strategic offensive arms in 1991 their number was reduced to 10500. In 2009 The Federation of American Scientists has informed, that Washington has lowered number of warheads ready to application to 2200. It happens for three years before the terms provided by the international arrangements.

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The Pentagon will carry out audit of a nuclear arsenal + USA