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Obama has reproached Brown for clearing of the Libyan terrorist

Obama and Brown

The US president Barack Obama in telephone conversation with the prime minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown has expressed the disappointment in connection with unbinding Abdel Basset ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, serving the sentence for plane blasting over the city of Lokerbi. On it informs AFP referring to the press-service of The White House.

On a Downing street have confirmed, that the question on clearing of the Libyan from the Scottish prison rose during Brown's 40-minute conversation and Obama, however the further comments have refused. In August the American president already named the decision on clearing of the terrorist erroneous, however till now did not state the condemnation in conversation by the British prime minister.

Act of terrorism took place in 1988; as a result of explosion and falling of fragments of the plane 270 persons were lost. Al-Megrahi has been sentenced to life imprisonment in 2001, however in the end of August, 2009 of the terrorist have set free. This decision explained compassion to the 57-year-old man sick of the incurable form of a cancer.

Among victims in the sky over Lokerbi there were 189 Americans, therefore clearing of the terrorist has caused sharp reaction in the United States.

After clearing al-Megrahi in mass-media the version began to be discussed actively, according to which economic interests became the reason of actions of a British side. In particular, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi has declared, that negotiations about clearing al-Megrahi were conducted by personally former prime minister Tony Blair lobbying interests of the British businessmen in sphere of the conclusion of oil contracts with Libya. Blair has denied the participation in the transaction.

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Obama has reproached Brown for clearing of the Libyan terrorist + WAR