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Obama will visit a memorial in the Pentagon

Mr. President

On September, 11th, 2001 Barack Obama has arrived to an anniversary of acts of terrorism to a memorial to victims of terrorists in the Pentagon, informs CNN.

This year an anniversary of acts of terrorism also will appear for the first time for ever and ever — National Day of Service and Remembrance.

At 8:46 on local time — at this particular time days the first plane skyjacked by terrorists ran into northern tower of the World shopping centre — on a southern lawn of The White House minute of silence in which will take part the president, first lady Michel Obama and employees of administration of the head of the state will take place. After that Obama will go to the Pentagon.

In 2001 one of stolen by terrorists of "al Kaida" of passenger planes ran into a building of the Ministry of Defence in capital suburb — Arlington, the State of Virginia. Victims of this act of terrorism of a steel 184 persons. As a result of a collapse of towers-twins in New York into which two planes ran, were lost more than 2700 persons. One more skyjacked plane going towards capital, has broken in area Shenksvilla, the State of Pennsylvania, were lost, not including terrorists, 40 persons.

Memorable actions on Friday will take place on a place of the destroyed New York skyscrapers-twins and in Shenksville where building of memorial complexes is not finished yet.

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Obama will visit a memorial in the Pentagon + terror