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The Texas rangers will be engaged in protection of border with Mexico

The Texas ranger

Special groups of the Texas rangers will be engaged in protection of the American-Mexican border, informs Associated Press.

As the governor of Texas Rick Perry has declared, the federal government could not cope with a growing crime rate on border, and the local government should be protected independently. According to critics, Perry's message has populist character.

According to the governor-republican who earlier repeatedly opposed politicians of the federal government, rangers should block border sites where especially intensively there is a narcotraffic and violence level is high. Besides, a special problem — protection of remote areas where owners of farms and ranches complain of flow of smugglers and gangsters from Mexico with which not in forces to consult local bodies of the law and order and boundary guards.

"Perry's today's statement — the next empty promise about safety of the borders, made in a year of elections", — was declared by representative Kay Bailey Hutchison — the senator from Texas which will compete to Perry on governor's elections-2010. In Perry's answer named position Hutchison "hypocritical" as the woman-politician "is in Washington 16 years", but does not undertake the measures necessary for safety of border in Texas.

Throughout 2009 Perry repeatedly asked the minister of national safety Janet Ann Napolitano and president of Barack Obama to send for protection of the Texas site of border the additional armed contingent of national guards as a part of thousand persons. Till now it have not made, as disputes on an order of financing and placing of guardsmen proceed.

The Texas rangers — the elite law-enforcement department generated in 1835 which are under the aegis of department of public safety of the State of Texas. At present number of rangers — approximately 140 persons. They are engaged in investigation of the important criminal cases, provide safety of the governor, catch especially dangerous criminals. According to Perry, new mission of rangers should become the most important for all their history.

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The Texas rangers will be engaged in protection of border with Mexico + USA