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Art gallery in honour of Michael Jackson

Portrait for magazine «TIME» cover on March, 19th, 1984. The author: Andy Warhol.

Michael Jackson, TIME

As though each of us personally concerned the person of king who has recently left on rest of the popular music, undoubtedly one is there was very strange person who has left very appreciable trace on a planet the Earth. It is natural, that the outstanding personality and not trivial life drew attention of many artists using the recognised image for the author's works.

As a tribute of memory to the person-epoch we have decided to make art gallery, where the protagonist one — Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's created to release of a film of 1988 Moonwalker the sculpture-robot in which the singer turns in the robot.


It does not matter if you’r black or white. The author: Scott Bowler.

Black or White

Michael Jackson and chimpanzee. The sculptor: Jeff Koons. The sculpture of the singer from the gilt porcelain at which the chimpanzee in a lap sits, has been executed in 1988 in number of three copies (plus one author's).


Statue of the king of popular music, balcony of the house leaving on Piccadilly Circus, London.


New York hyperrealist Richard Phillips represents a picture under the name «Jacko» with the image of a porcelain face of the superstar.

Porcelain face

Michael Jackson's digital portrait. The author: Hisui.

Digital portrait

Michael Jackson's portrait. The author: James.


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Art gallery in honour of Michael Jackson + poster