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The Aussie Burger Urge Is So Intimately Intense Their Mailing Out Condoms Just In Case

Australian burger restaurant "Burger Urge has created a controversial marketing campaign by mailing out condoms inscribed with the tagline, "get intimate with our new premium beef."

Urge owner Sean Carthew has unsurprisingly received a fair share of complaints, at least one from a parent concerned that a child might find the condom. Others promised never to patronize Burger Urge. Carthew defended the his ad campaign, saying that the eatery has "some big franchise competitors and we're a small business... We're just trying to be a little bit creative about how we can market."

Burger Urge certainly isn't backing off on the campaign, judging from their website and facebook page many comments appear to be more positive, with some questioning the effectiveness of the gimmick.

I personally don't mind the it, I found the image of the woman licking the cow's face that you'll see as soon as you visit their website, with the text telling you to get more intimate with their beef a bit more bothersome.

Oh wait it's Premium Beef, that makes the thought of bestiality so much easier to digest.