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Danish eBay site shreds Fender Stratocaster and burns wedding dress to make Danes sell used stuff

DBA is Denmark's biggest marketplace for classified goods and owned by eBay. An analysis conducted by Epinion for DBA revealed that the Danes have used goods equivalent to more than 20 billion Danish kroner (approx. 2,7 billion Euro) lying around in cabinets and attics, that is just slowly losing value.

To stop this madness DBA created a content site in order to inspire Danes to do something about this major waste of resources. To launch the site we developed two films, one targeted at men, one targeted at women. The films points out the grotesque in having all these values lying around and involves two real Danes, the content of their attics, a Fender Stratocaster, an RS-40 Shredder, a celebrity designer wedding dress and a weed burner.

Content containing the two participants Maria and Christian, where they tell about their stuff and why they did not sell it will follow up the two films. DBA will also launch a competition where you can only participate by buying their actual stuff.

Some interesting facts from the Epinion analysis:
· Danes estimate they have 291 things in average that they no longer use
· 57% don’t do anything about it, because they feel it is difficult and time-consuming to sell the stuff
· 44% feel it is not worth to sell it
· However 63% thinks second hand will be a more popular in the future

This campaign for DBA is created by Danish agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded ( Internationally known for the ‘Do it for Denmark’ and ‘Do it for mom’ campaigns.

The Credits:
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded (Ad agency):
Søren Christensen, Strategist
Heinrich Vejlgaard, Creative Director
René Sohn Kammersgaard, Art Director
Gitte Andersen, Account Manager

Gobsmack Productions (Film production)
Christina Bostofte Erritzøe, Producer
Cille Silverwood-Cope, Production
Peter Harton, Director
Laust Trier-Mørk, DOP
Ole Krogstad, Editor
Mike Bothe, Grader
Magnús Sveinn Jónsson, Visual Effects
Ole Krogstad, sounddesign

Advice (PR)
Stine Green Paulsen, Chief Advisor
Thilde Danielsen, Advisor
Kristina Rasmussen, Advisor

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Danish eBay site shreds Fender Stratocaster and burns wedding dress to make Danes sell used stuff + men