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Scooby Doo

Why do zombies make everything cooler? I mean, seriously, first we had the fabulous Jeffrey Thomas’ zombified version of classic Disney princesses and now Scooby Doo has been given an undead remake. Travis Pitt has come up with this post-zombie apocalypse version of the Scooby gang, complete with a bloody and bad-ass version of Velma. Hot damn! Gone is the orange turtleneck and shy demeanour, she rocks that machete. Scooby has also made a vast improvement from the Scooby-snack addict to fierce hell hound.

I dig the fact Velma, along with Scooby, is the only member of the gang to survive the zombie (and possibly vampire) apocalypse as she would use her smarts to adapt to the situation. And like all internet crazes, you can now buy this as t-shirt here. Woo.

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