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The World's Fastest Purchase
Advertiser: PUMA
Product/Service: PUMA FAAS
Entrant CIRCUS DF Mexico City, MEXICO
Type of Entry: Use of Promo & Activation
Entrant Company: CIRCUS DF Mexico City, MEXICO
DM/Advertising Agency: CIRCUS DF Mexico City, MEXICO
Executive Creative Director: Facundo Romero (Circus)
Creative Director: Alejandro Stea (Circus)
Creative Director: Javier de la Fuente (Circus)
Copywriter: Ignacio Rozental (Circus)
Art Director: Ezequiel Chareca (Circus)
Describe the brief from the client.
  • Puma has the fastest sneakers in the world: the Faas500.
  • This is why we created the fastest purchase.
  • A promotion with one rule: the faster you buy your Faas500, the less you pay.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.
How did it work?

At the press of a button, the customer received a ticket with their exact time of entrance. The faster they bought their Faas500, the higher the discount they received. Another button marked the completion of their purchase and the discount earned.

Describe the results in as much detail as possible. 118 people saved 63,720 pesos in 372 minutes. The fastest sneakers are meant for the fastest people.

It uses point of purchase + brand + public interaction under de concept of the campaign and generated both key message, and product selling.

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The World's Fastest Purchase + sport