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Island of Free Love
Diesel Island

The Diesel Island

Diesel has started new adv campaign «Diesel Island» within the limits of strategy «Be Stupid».
If you do not manage to advance the outlooks on life in an old society, it's necessary — to keep away from those who does not accept innovative principles, and to organize the own state. Diesel continues to throw brushwood in a movement fire «Be Stupid», starting new advertising campaign «Diesel Island».

Freedom Island for Free People

Is a story of desperate young people which were tired of a boring society with all its interdiction dictated by «big brother's mind». The young people has landed on paradise islands to create the new nation to take all best principles of the device of the existing countries and forever to eliminate social injustice.

Freedom Island
Free Life
Free Island
I Love Diesel!
Kingdom of Rest
New Nation
Own state
Young people

People on a photos, it «the pioneers, which profits on Diesel Island in search of rescue from tyranny, an economic crisis, political corruption and reality shows», begin new life in which there is no place for silly restrictions of the usual world.

The army of these people consists of pair-three the person, armed with soft pillows, inhabitants of this kingdom of rest project ecological means of transportation (for example, the car which copes from a strength of wind), and also gradually steal Wi-Fi from neighboring countries. Being children of a wind, the sun and freedom, they do not accept all totalitarian powers.

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