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New Honda Civic
2011 Honda Civic

Honda Civic Type R

2011 Honda Civic received a new portion of cosmetic updating. Manufacture of the modernized car will be adjusted at factory in Swindon (Great Britain) in November, 2010, thus cost of model 1.4 Type S begins from 13,995 pounds.

2011 Honda Civic

The basic attention has been given to radiator enclosure which altered so that the given car began to remind of legendary model «Type R». It allowed designers to give to a novelty more expensive kind.

Wheel disks

Besides it, 2011 Honda Civic receives a new collection of wheel disks in diameter of 16 and 17 inches. The interior of a new Civic is finished now by a high-quality fabric and synthetic suede. In more expensive complete sets sport seats are upholstered by a genuine leather.

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New Honda Civic + wheel disks