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New Crossover by Audi

Audi company expanded scale of versions of crossover Q7 at the expense of the new diesel 6-cylinder engine. The car with such unit becomes the most accessible in scale of Audi Q7. In Germany the prices for such car will begin from 51,800 euros.
The motor volume 3-litres, capacity is equal to 204HP, and the maximum twisting moment in 450Nm is accessible in a range from 1250 to 2750rpm. The unit also will be equipped by system Start/Stop and can work together with an 8-step automatic transmission.

2011 Audi Q7

According to the German manufacturer, from 0 to 100 km/h the crossover equipped with such power-plant make for 9,1 sec, and its maximum speed reaches 205 km/h.
Average fuel consumption of such car makes 7,2 liters on 100 km of run, and level of blowouts CO2 — 198 g/km. I notice that in the European car market this model also is offered with 240, 340 and 500-strong diesel engines in volume 3,0, 4,2 and 6,0 liters. The crossover Audi Q7 can be ordered and with 3-litre gasoline engines capacity of 272 and 333HP.

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