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The domain for the present is not sold book

Auction sale of the domain is postponed in connection with the requirement of the present owner, company Escom. The auctions should will take place in New York on March, 18th, informs The Register.

Meister Seelig & Fein vs Escom

On March, 17th legal firm Meister Seelig and Fein has submitted to Judicial committee of the Central district of California the petition about compulsory bankruptcy Escom. The petition has been registered on behalf of three creditors who have put forward the companies of the claim for the sum over 10 million dollars, informs Domain Name Wire. Thereupon the company simply has no finance for a webhosting. The decision on domain sale — definitive and irrevocable.

Sex.comThe Head of all three companies-creditors is Michael Mann, known as the founder of site In the message he has informed, that auction has been organised with numerous infringements. According to Michael, the court can provide observance of laws at domain sale.

About the fact of sale of the domain have notified the public in the beginning of March. The initiator of sale of the domain is loan company DOM Partners LLC which financed purchase of the given domain in 2006. Auction finance is intended for repayment of credit debts, payment of a web hosting and tax deduction. is considered the most expensive domain name on the Internet. According to not confirmed sources, Escom has bought the domain for 14 million dollars (!).

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The domain for the present is not sold + web hosting