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Acquaintance to parents

Important Quality of Your Idea

DPZ Propaganda has thought up fine ideas for the Brazilian competition of advertising. «The good idea is capable to win any» — a slogan of prints of the international competition of a print advertising "the World award of publicity" opens idea of competitions: not important from what you the countries and as long you work in advertising — the main thing, are how much good your Idea.

Print advertising competition «Premio de Propaganda o Globo» is founded in 1996. The committee from nine judges which number includes the most known advertisement makers of Brazil, selects winners in nine categories.

The Excellent Idea is Pleasant to All!

Run away bride
Argentina fan

Prints inform on value of good idea and conclusive appeal to any person. The Argentina football fan with good idea (a burning bulb — the international symbol of idea) drinks beer with the Brazilian fans. The Motorcyclist-idea withdraws the girl directly from under a wreath. The nice girl acquaints with the father ugly (but "ideological") the guy.

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