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Let will be mine for ever!
Prints Neonode N2 maintain one of the most popular images of mobile phones: phone-fetish. Slogan of phones Neonode "Don't think. Feel" urges not to think, feel. The idea of the Swedish founders from Publicis Stockholm which embodies this plain motto, consists that it is not necessary to choose that friends and sellers cellular impose you phone.

Relic phone

It is necessary to choose that grasps your feelings. The new model of mobile phone Neonode N2 appears in a role of an amulet habitual for luxury phones, a talisman, an ornament...

Telephone piercing

Black beauty

Call me

Suntanned man

On posters the agency has shown the black beauty who uses phone as an ornament, the girl who "has built in" a mobile phone in the hand. Perhaps, the most expressive print is series — a poster with the man which veins, similarly phone set, are stretched from Neonode to ear-phones.

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Let will be mine for ever! + talisman