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2011 D&G: Under the Hot Sicilian Sun

2011 Dolce&Gabbana Collection

Dolce&Gabbana continues to build Italian traditions into own adv campaigns. The cult fashion brand has presented a new series of prints which pick up a rhythm of the previous photo-sets (so, in last year are created posters with the Madonna in an image of the Sicilian housewife, also hot photos of the men, into styles of ancient Roman demigods). This time for advancement of a collection Spring/Summer 2011 brand has decided to remain within the limits of the traditional concept, having emphasized rough hot Italian emotions.

On prints the macho photo-models: Noah Mills, David Gandy, Adam Senn, Tony Ward, Sam Webb, Travis and Sam Whitman play roles as strict fathers, the Italian peasants and fishermen. Photos are literally impregnated by the hot southern sun, salty water, slightly audible smell of man's sweat and a fresh sea breeze. Men really enjoy heavy physical work...

The Real Italian Machos

Italian Men
Macho men
Italian emotions

For Woman's D&G Collections Spring/Summer are selected graceful Izabel Goulart, Isabeli Fontana, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Maryna Linchuck. While their men work under the destructive sun, beautiful women are doing the house duties with not smaller pride, than the queen manages state affairs. Despite external pride and coldness, they a spirit of passions — if they laugh, all around rejoices together with them but if they cry it is the most bitter tears. The charming ladies dressed into elegant dresses, fine underwear and may break any men's heart.

Beautiful women
Charming ladies
Elegant dresses
Graceful women

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2011 D&G: Under the Hot Sicilian Sun + women