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Military doctrines near to the Pentagon

Coast guard boat

On the river Potomac near to the Pentagon doctrines of the Coast guard of the USA on September, 11th have taken place, informs CNN.

Doctrines have coincided on time with speech of the US president at mourning ceremony in memory of acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001. Eyewitnesses have heard, as the Coast guard boat through a loudspeaker demands, that other vessel has stopped. Then local residents have heard shots: it was informed, that them was ten.

Officials in Washington, however, have declared, that during doctrines nobody shot. The coast guard fulfilled actions at intrusion of a suspicious vessel into the given zone.

Barack Obama has arrived on September, 11th to the memorial complex opened one year ago in the Pentagon. One of four planes stolen by terrorists in September, 2001 has fallen to headquarters of the Ministry of Defence of the USA, 184 persons there were lost. In total victims of acts of terrorism on September, 11th became more than 3000 persons.

Photo by: ©AFP

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Military doctrines near to the Pentagon + terror