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Rice Krispies Squares — Window Display

Leo Burnett returns Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares to the spotlight with a new ad in the “It’s all lies, they’re not even square” campaign. Breaking on April 8th, “Window Display” supports Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey.

This story, the third in the “It’s all lies — they’re not even square” campaign, tells the fictional tale of shopkeeper Ali from Doncaster, who unveils a sculpture he has lovingly built entirely from Rice Krispies Squares. We see tourists revel in the window display and a voiceover declares: ‘It’s become the 11th most popular tourist attraction in the UK, overtaking Stonehenge, Cheddar Gorge…’ before the ‘lie’ is revealed, and viewers are reminded that Rice Krispies Squares are not even square.

Project name: Rice Krispies Squares: ‘It’s all lies. They’re not even square’.
Client: Kellogg
Creative agency: Leo Burnett London
Creative Director: Don Bowen
Art Director: Alex Moore/Lewis Beaton
Copywriter: Alex Moore/Lewis Beaton
Planner (creative agency): Olivia Heywood
Media agency: Carat
Planner (media agency): Clare Fraser
Production company: Coy! Communications
Director: Mark Denton
Editor: Chris McKay
Post Production: MPC
Agency TV Producer: Shaun O’Dwyer
Exposure: Nationwide TV

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