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Samsonsite VERSUS the World Campaign

Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels today launch the latest instalment in the ‘Samsonite VERSUS the World’ campaign. ‘VERSUS’ showcases the latest innovations in travel design and technology that set Samsonite apart from the competition. Brought to life via a series of tongue-in-cheek videos, the POS and instore campaign will also run online from 11th August, 2014.

Following on from the success of the campaign’s earlier films, the latest work introduces the many features of the Samsonite range by subjecting each product to rigorous, real-life testing. Five new products are put through their paces in a series of unexpected endurance trials in the Samsonite Quality Lab.

Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Alexander Cha’ban said
“The brief for this project was a great challenge; tell the world that Samsonite products are built to last and endure. Well we decided to go one better and actually show the world by inviting them into the heart of the Samsonite Quality Lab. Then we set about holding Samsonite to their word by letting loose the greatest forces of nature against each innovative feature of their range. The result is a series of quirky and funny videos that really reinforce the strength, resilience and durability that have kept Samsonite at the forefront of the luggage industry for years”.

Samsonite VERSUS Small Spaces
The new Pop-FreshTM case is the ideal size for on-board luggage, and the ultimate cabin companion, easily gliding through a high-rise obstacle course of tight spaces.

Samsonite VERSUS Everything Twice.
At the centre of the ultimate tug-of-war between tractors, horses and weight-lifters, the new Lite-LockedTMcase remains intact thanks to the innovative Curv® technology and 3-point-lock system, a winning combination of strength and security.

Samsonite VERSUS International Weather Forecast.
Whether it’s raining cats and dogs in the UK, buckets in Belgium or nails in Canada, disastrous weather is no match for the Samsonite RainsportTM Umbrella. Constructed of storm-proofed material and innovative ‘floating ribs technology’, the ultra-flexible umbrella keeps the carrier dry in even the most extreme conditions.

Samsonite VERSUS Boarding Time.
In a race against time with a remote-controlled car, the new Samsonite X-Pression +TMcase emerges triumphant. The winning feature is the 360° spinning wheels that offer extreme maneuverability to help speed through airport checkpoints with the greatest of ease and agility.

Samsonite VERSUS Risky Business.
Even when under attack from flying tennis balls, the new TriForceTM laptop case offers the ultimate protection for your business essentials. With 360° shock absorbing casing and extra corner cushioning for a laptop, the TriForce case will protect against any unexpected falls or bumps.

  Creative Credits:  
Creative Director: Alexander Cha’ban
AD: Arnold Hovaert
Copy: Damien Veys
Production company: Denzzo
Production Director :Lars Damoiseaux
Producers: Jeroen Berx, Bea Catteeuw
Account Director: Jonathan Moerkens

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