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Nissan Presents the Future Eco-car
Nissan New Mobility

2011 Nissan Leaf

Nissan company presented the competitor for electro-car Renault Twizy which has been shown for the 1st time in October of current year on motor show in Paris. The Japanese car received name New Mobility Concept and, according to representatives of the manufacturer, electrocar is the prototype created for studying of possible use variants in the future. Thus, unlike Renault, Nissan does not declare possibility of start of the similar car in mass manufacture.

The New Mobility Concept by Nissan

Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan novelty is equipped by the same electric power-plant, as Renault Twizy. Renault Twizy sales begin in the European car market in the end of next year, and representatives of the company promise that such car will cost not more expensively the usual scooter.
At Nissan mark the 1st serial electro-car is model Leaf, whose manufacture in Japan began in the end of October. The cruising range of such car makes 160 kilometers, and charging of batteries occupy 8 hours. In Europe Leaf will cost about 30,000 euros.

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Nissan Presents the Future Eco-car + Renault Twizy