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The Chinese mass-media "cut out" words about censorship

Obama in Shanghai

The Chinese mass-media did not begin to quote a word of the US president of Barack Obama about a freedom of speech and an unimpeded access in the Internet, informs Associated Press.

Internet censorship in the Peoples Republic of China

The question on Internet censorship in the Peoples Republic of China has been set to the US president who is with official visit in China, during a meeting with youth in Shanghai on Monday, on November, 16th. Obama it was limited to the short answer, having told only, that is the supporter of absence of censorship, however recognises, that in "the different states different traditions".

The authorities of China repeatedly were exposed to criticism for carried out by them to the policy of censorship on the Internet, which in the West including in the USA, perceive as infringement of a freedom of speech and the right to a private life.

The conference fragment where Obama answers a question on censorship, has been shown on air of only one television channel — Shanghai TV. A number of the Chinese sites which have published full decoding of conference Obama, censorships later have removed from the text a fragment, concerning. Newspaper The People's Daily, in turn, has written only, that Obama has noted an Internet role in information distribution, having removed words about censorship.

Isolation of the Chinese Internet users

On a site of administration of the US president full audio- and conference video versions in Shanghai are laid out, however the Chinese users have no access to this resource.

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The Chinese mass-media "cut out" words about censorship + totalitarianism