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During rush hours many women in Tokyo choose special cars «only for women» to avoid stickings.

Now many men who are afraid of charges in stickings, reflect on creation of special cars «only for men».
Ten shareholders of the company «Seibu Holdings», operating capital underground, have submitted the collective demand about creation of cars specially for men.

«There were many cases of palpation, but were as well false charges in palpation from women», — are spoken in an official statement of initiative group. — «Though enough effectual measures against palpation have been accepted, for example, creation of cars «only for women», is accepted any measures against false charges in palpation… In the spirit of gender equality it was not necessary to create «man's cars».

The question of false charges in palpation has received loud publicity after in April of this year the Supreme court has cancelled a verdict of guilty concerning the professor who ostensibly felt the girl in a train in Tokyo. Judges have specified in necessity to show care in such cases when the accuser is a unique source of the information on incident.
However the inquiry of shareholders can be rejected, as board of directors "Seibu" opposes this idea.

«The validity consists that we have received very few inquiries from passengers concerning creation of such cars», — is spoken in the board answer.
According to police reports, in 2007 on charge in palpation in Tokyo have been detained about 2000 men.

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