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The police has no right to stop you for driving on a bicycle with a speed over 65 miles at an o'clock.
The marinaded cucumber should be elastic to be recognised that officially.

It is illegal to try to pawn own artificial limb.

To open cans by means of fire-arms it is illegal.
Citizens are forbidden to go to theatre or cinema, and also, to go in a tram within 4 hours after they ate garlic.

According to the law the kiss can last no more than 5 minutes.
One-armed pianists under the law are obliged to play free of charge.

The people who are present on commemoration, have the right to eat no more than three sandwiches.
The snore is law infringement, except for cases when all windows in a bedroom are corked properly.

Any city can impose the tax to wind band support if in this orchestra the mayor plays a small flute and each musician is able to eat peas by means of a knife.

New Jersey
«Disapprovingly to look» at the officer of police it is considered illegal.

In Oklahoma illegal it is considered to bite off from another's hamburger.
People who pull faces to dogs, can be subjected the penalty or imprisonment.
Dogs should have the permission signed by the mayor to gather in groups on three or more individuals within a private property.

The special decree about cleanliness forbids housewives to hide a dirt and a dust under a carpet in the house.
Law infringement is residing more than 16 women in one house simultaneously as it assumes brothel existence. Nevertheless to 120 men can live together, and it is not considered illegal.

Women are forbidden to drive the car, except for cases when in front of the car goes or the man swinging a red tag runs to warn pedestrians and other drivers about danger.

The law, called to reduce number of crimes, says: «Any driver having criminal intentions, is obliged at entrance to a city to stop and by phone to inform on them to the chief of police».
It is illegal to paint a flag of the USA a pattern in peas.
It is illegal to pretend, that your parents are rich.

According to the city council decree «dogs should not be in public places without the owner on a lead».

To show films of horrors it is authorised only on Monday, Tuesday and on Wednesday.

According to the law to drive on the Hollywood parkway more than 200 sheep simultaneously it is forbidden.

Los Angeles
It is forbidden to bathe simultaneously two children in one bath.
It is not authorised to cry at a summer residence of a testimony in court.
It is forbidden to lick toads. Toads allocate substance which some lick to achieve effect of narcotic influence.

According to the law the kiss can last no more than 5 minutes.
One-armed pianists under the law are obliged to play free of charge.

Waterbury (Connecticut)
Cosmeticians are forbidden to mutter, sing and whistle at work with the client.

Sterling (Colorado)
Cats are authorised to run freely only in the event that they have back dimensional fires.

Lewis (Delaware)
The introduction into marriage on a bet is the lawful basis for cancellation of similar marriage.

Portland (Maine)
At the person going along the street, laces should be fastened

Minneapolis (Minnesota)
The person guilty of a double parking, it is necessary to chain in shackles and to hold on bread and water.

Clevelend (Ohio)
The law forbids to catch mice without the hunting licence.

Oxford (Ohio)
For the woman illegal it is considered to remove clothes before a portrait of the man.

Allentown (Pennsylvania)
All fire hydrants should be checked for an hour to a fire.

Richmond (Virginia)
To throw a coin at restaurant, to find out, who will pay for coffee, illegally.

Racine (Wisconsin)
It is forbidden to awake sleeping firemen.

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