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Cowboy Malboro — the most influential man
Harley DavidsonIn the United States of America there was a book under the name «101 most influential invented person» in whom authors have tried to investigate as fruits of another's imagination influence our life. The list of the most influential was headed by courageous American cowboy Malboro who has appeared in 1950 and has helped to increase sales of cigarettes.

Second number in the list — the Big brother from the book «1984» George Oruell, the third — King Arthur embodying as authors speak, lines of the ideal monarch, and fourth place Santa Claus.

«Santa Claus operates all our economy in the last quarter of year, and without the Christmas grandfather many firms would be ruined», — one of authors of the book Allan Lazar has told.
Barbie — «the plastic babe» who became the sample for imitation for millions little girls, having introduced the new standard of beauty and style», — is on 43rd place.

In the list there are also beings absolutely not similar to the person, for example: King-Kong and the Godzilla, the Cinderella and Ancient Greek tsar Midas, Faust and uncle Sam — a symbol of the USA.

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Cowboy Malboro — the most influential man + place