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Pizza Hut Canada Ships Out Branded Perfume Bottles "Eau De Pepperoni"

Pizza Hut Canada seems to have a pretty good sense of humor, they've created their very own branded scent and are distributing it to their loyal fans who have supported them digitally on their Facebook page.

Only 100 bottles of the Pizza Hut perfume has been produced and sent out to the lucky Canadians. If anyone of you want to send me a note when you get your eau de pepperoni, sorry I mean your bottle of perfume — you have to let us know what this stuff smells like.

How did they come up with the right scent you ask...
"We did a couple of rounds … trying to get the right smell," said Pizza Hut Canada’s marketing director, Beverly D’Cruz. "All of them were not fun … Cheese. You’d think cheese smells nice. Not so."

Creative agency Grip came up with the idea to get more Canadians to engage with Pizza Hut socially.

Eric Vieira, director of digital strategy at Grip sums it up perfectly when he was quoted by The Globe and Mail saying "It’s delicious," and "I hope some poor guy doesn’t give it to his girlfriend."